camp themes
Turn back the arms of the 1950s in America. Where being a teenager meant that you had to be part of your own hip and happening gang, whether it be a Greaser boy/girl (dressed in Black Leather and sleek hair), a Preppy boy/girl (complete with ponytails and cotton candy coloured outfits) to the Jocks and Chearleaders (the goody two shoes) and even the super clever geeks ( the teachers favourites), you had to fit in somewhere. This was a time of Rock & Roll, where Elvis was king and everyone young and old was shaking it loose on the dance floor. The Drive In was the place to be seen, strutting your new handmade outfit your Mom made you, showing off your dance moves to the boys or gossip with the gals over a shake. Come join us to re-create this iconic era, by producing and filming your very own 50s movie,With it's vibrant music, wardrobe and attitude. Enjoy great tasting American food in real Diner style. And Rock around the clock ...until your feet can't stop.
The Borough / Ruta 41 Km 236,5, B6600 Mercedes, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina
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