Hop into your Delorean and join us for a ride to the decade that brought you Rubik ́s cubes, Apple Macintosh, big hair, genre‐defining music and film, and the birth of cellular phones. You are hereby invited to join us on a totally tubular adventure back to the 1980s! We’ll go on a righteous historical and cultural tour of the most radical decade there ever was learning all about totally awesome music, films, pop culture and historical events. The major event of the camp will be 1980s neon black light highlighter dance party. Each team will be required to present its own gnarly interpretation of a classic 1980s film. Come new wavers, hip‐hoppers, disco fiends, pop stars and hair metal bands. Everyone’s invited! Get pumped!
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The Borough / Ruta 41 Km 236,5, B6600 Mercedes, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina
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