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A call from Camelot Hello all you mortal humans We`re calling from a time gone by A time of trouble, troubadours and trials Of kings and queens in Camelot; When lords and ladies lived and died, When fellows fought and faeries feasted And woods were wild and mostly wet. On perilous plains the pagans prowled And dragons danced and giants jived. Magicians made a mound of mischief And sorceresses seemed so sweet, Though thee they really rather bothered. You will come to Camelot! You will be the company And take up challenges, go on quests, Show the sinew and face the foe. All daring damsels and dainty dames, Who weaken not, will win their wagers. Now notables and you new knights And squire scamps, receive your spurs For clever bravery and very soon Nor all the angry, antique ancients, Nor little people in the hills, With oaks and woad and mistletoe, Will ever cause you any fear. They will listen, they will hear Your perfect English flowing free, In speech and songs and skipping glee . Around the table Arthur`s knights And ladies feast the night away. The knights are gone, put out the lights And live the legends, on your bright new day. Camelot
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