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• We provide an exclusive programme which involves recreation, sports, tourism and culture, alongside an intense practice of the English language. • The participants share everyday life with local teenagers and young adults, which enables them to blend into their way of life. • Native speakers run orientation meetings prior to the trip so that the participants can take part in the design of the programme.(1) Most activities are based on their interests. (2) • Our schedule includes concerts, cultural exchanges, sports events in local schools, clubs and youth centres. • We also take walks and guided tours around places of historic, cultural and touristic importance. • Accommodation may be provided in homestays, student residences and three-star hotels. • All-inclusive programme (3) • Round-the-clock co-ordination by CII staff • Local counsellors accompany the participants in every outing. (1) CII runs an internship programme in alliance with several universities in different English-speaking countries. This is how a great number of students and young professionals spend time in Argentina helping us design our Discovery Trails and, later, they chaperon the participants in their home countries. (2) These interests are included in our bespoke programme design through interviews, field trips, workshops and carefully planned visits. Thus, each trip is unique and it is tailored to the expectations of each group of participants. (3) SADT is an all-inclusive programme.Since all the activities are planned prior to the trip, participants do not need to bring any money other than what they might want to spend on gifts or souvenirs.
Itinerary: • 3 nights in Cape Town • 2 nights in Sun City • 1 night at Ukutula Lion Lodge • 4 nights in Pretoria
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