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Our global tribe of counsellors are waiting for you to join them at The Borough. They are a friendly group of young professional Festival-Goers from English speaking countries, who have either been to one or several world music festivals around the globe; from Glastonbury in England and Coachella in California (both festivals feature new Pop, Alternative, Rock, Soul, Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz and more) smaller indie fests that are packed with energy, like South By Southwest in Texas. There will be speeches and demonstrations, protest signs, marches, meditation, yoga, art, sculptures & healthy foods. But most importantly: THERE WILL BE MUSIC! MUSIC FOR YOU, BY YOU! We want to give you the chance of a lifetime to experience a sense of POWER, COMMUNITY, COMRADERY, LIBERATION, and GOOD VIBRATIONS that Glastonbury and other world music festivals offer its festival-goers.
The Borough / Ruta 41 Km 236,5, B6600 Mercedes, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina
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