camp themes
Gold Rush The year is 1849 and gold has just been discovered in the central part of northern California at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Everyone is rushing to get there before the gold runs out. The object of this program is to recreate the fun and excitement of having “Gold Fever”, which is an important part of American culture. The participants will be divided into groups who will represent the major routes which the 49ers used. Besides the environmental dangers you will be faced with, bandits are famously known to pray on weak and tired travelers. Keep one eye open at all times, for you never know who may be secretly out to steal your gold! It will be essential that you work as a team in order to survive the long and dangerous journey. During the camp the groups will work separately to design a new way of mining for gold. The design will be displayed at an exhibition in which the mining company executives will decide which ones they will buy. The design can consist of a model, or it may consist of a poster display. Do you want to become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams? Now is your chance to strike it rich!
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