How To Apply Document Checklist CII Application form Short Video about yourself (See below) Health Report Recent Graduates: confirmation of your degree (transcript or copy of diploma) Students: a letter from your University confirming your student status Two reference letters. At least one of them must be written by a teacher. Additional reference letters are encouraged. Letters must be dated, signed, and printed on official letterhead or accompanied by a business card. Referees should be persons that are/were directly responsible for the review of your academic and/or professional performance. Referees may include a current or previous professor, academic advisor, supervisor, or manager. CII does not accept letters of recommendation from family members, friends, neighbours, or similar sources. References should be provided with the application so please arrange to obtain them before you submit forms Smiling photograph (please avoid passport photos!). Include a jpg file that we can add to your profile. Scan of your passport including your name, birth date, photograph, etc. The form of your name should correspond exactly with the name you supply on your application or other official documents. Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the programme end date. Proof of Medical Insurance (to be provided after acceptance). You need to show proof of medical insurance to cover the whole period of your stay. It should indicate countries and period of coverage as well as the procedure to receive assistance. Instructions for a Short Video about yourself The video must have two parts (or you can film two different videos) and must be no longer than 5 minutes in total. Part 1 In the first part we will ask you to talk about a topic of your choice. The objective is to have a more complete impression of yourself besides the information you give us on your application form. It is important to note that we don’t expect this to be formal in any way. It is for the purpose of getting to know you better. Just loosen up and talk away. The topic that you choose should be something that you feel comfortable talking about, that is interesting to you or that you feel passionate about. If you need help for your video, María Laura Dominguez & Lara Klenk –CII Teach Argentina staff- will be happy to send you some tips. Part 2 For the second part of the video (or second video) you should film yourself showing some personal skill that you think will be useful at the schools or at the immersion camps. If you can play a sport that is not played in Argentina (hurling, cricket, American football, etc) you should film yourself playing it or trying to teach us how to do it. If you can play a musical instrument or sing, we would be delighted to listen. If you do art of some kind, it would be great to get to know your work. If you are a good actor/actress, you could do a small performance for us. We would also love to see some dancing, storytelling, stand-up comedy, games (classes or demonstrations) and interesting presentations about your country’s history, culture, traditions or strange hobbies, etc. The idea is to see you in action, having some fun and showing us a little bit more about yourself. Useful tips • Loosen up! • Take this opportunity to explore your creative side, as this is the first of many opportunities that the CII Teach Argentina will invite you to do so. • You can film it as many times as you like before sending it, so don’t worry about not getting it the way you wanted the first time round. You can also film it in small parts and then paste them with a video editor. • We don’t expect you to be dressed formally for the video. • If you feel that we have left something out on the application form that you would like to tell us about, please do so. • Make sure you find the video interesting and enjoyable at the end. We look for people that can be responsible and fun at the same time. • Check the quality of the sound. We don’t need high definition images, but we do need to be able to hear clearly what you have to say. Send the application package via Cloud Storage Services • Please upload to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or other Cloud Storage Services and share with us the completed Application Form and all required documents (including scanned copies of the originals if applies). You can use the following email address to give us access to the online folder: Make sure you have collected all the items before you submit your application. CII can only process your application if the package is complete. • If you require assistance please contact us at Admission • CII will send a confirmation email upon reception of your complete application • Application processing usually takes two weeks, after which we will contact you to provide feedback and communicate our decision regarding your participation in the programme. Placement • Once you have complied with all the requirements CII will begin the search for an appropriate internship by matching your profile with suitable schools. • You will be required to complete a series of tasks in preparation for your work placement in Argentina before you travel. Instructions will be sent once we confirm acceptance into the programme. Failure to submit TEFL assignments can lead to the cancelation of your participation in the programme. • Colonias de Inmersión al Idioma manages a wide network of schools across the country and only accepts the number of applicants for whom there are openings. files teach argentina
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