Ye olde Sons of Argentina, I am Robin Hood and I call upon you to join me at this most perilous time. My homeland has fallen into the hands of the evil prince John. With our heroic king Richard the Lionheart away at the Crusades, anarchy has taken afoot in our wee shire. The sheriff of Nottingham has ransacked our towns and pillaged what little the people have. I, with my loyal troop of merrymen, are all that stand in his way. Unfortunately, we are not many. With Little John and Friar Tuck we have much strength, but still the threat is present. We need your presence in order to train you in the ways of the merrymen, to become skilled in the arts of archery and sword fighting. This will not be an easy task, but one for which you are needed. So, will you help fight evil, save the innocent, take from the rich and give to the poor?  Robin Hood
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