camp themes
You will spend 3 days of rigorous training testing your ability to work within a team, to show logic and to display your greatness and strength. Here you will learn to create your own Super Identity, to use your powers for good, to help the innocent and to shield the weak. Also, there is rumour of evil forces that may have penetrated our camp. The evil Dr. Doomsday and his evil mingnions have been spotted within the area. We need new recruits to combat this menace. All new cadets shall be known as the trainees of their team leaders, who will help them if ever it is needed, and will offer guidance on their way to becoming a true superhero. Please remember, children, that your secret identity is very important for keeping your crime fighting life separate from your civilian life. Once you have decided on your superhero name, make sure to keep it a secret from everyone because the other groups are not allowed to know your identity or your powers. Will you stand up and be counted? Will you join the forces of good and accept this challenge to join us? WE NEED YOU!!!!!!!
The Borough / Ruta 41 Km 236,5, B6600 Mercedes, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina
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