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“The welcome I got was incredible – I wasn’t expecting the students to be so enthusiastic and friendly! The majority of their behavior is very good and I feel like they are actually enthusiastic about learning. Everyone is so sweet!”. Participant – Placement: Trenque Lauquen, Province of Buenos Aires. “ It was really the greatest experience of my student life! I recommend the programme for every student who is looking for an amazing experience”. Participant from Germany doing his internship as a Marketing Assistant. “Had a chance to work with this company this year and must admit I was surprised by the quality of their service from the beginning to the end of my internship. I highly recommend the programme for every student looking for a great experience in Ireland”. Participant from France doing her internship as a Social Networks Developer  “Yesterday we visited a primary and a secondary school in Youghal, County Cork. We had the opportunity to learn more about Irish culture and traditions. All in all an eventful day full of music, sports, Irish stew, alfajores, chocotorta, Irish tea, ‘mate`and shortbread. Thanks so much to the schools for having us”. School Teacher, Buenos Aires “The immersion programme was great fun but the key to enjoying the whole experience was that counsellors also passed on positive human values, encouraging and rewarding teamwork, honesty, fairness and efforts. We love the way the Colonias Team cares for and is aware of each and every child's needs”. School teacher - La Pampa. “I think this has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. I just want to come here again but for more days”. Participant – Quilmes, Province of Buenos Aires. ENGLISH IMMERSION CAMPS “Having Megan at school has been wonderful. She has meant an important addition to our classes and has not only cooperated with students’ practice of English but has also incorporated aspects of her own country and culture to our daily activities”. Supervisor – Placement: Rafaela, Province of Santa Fe. FACILITATORS WORK & TRAVEL WORK & TRAVEL ENGLISH IMMERSION CAMPS discovery trails
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