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Read about Maddy's experience, being the first participant from the University of Durham: - How long did you participate in CII – Teach Argentina? - I was with CII – Teach Argentina from February until July 2015. - What did you enjoy the most about the experience? - There are so many things I could mention, but  for me I loved living with a family. The whole point of a year abroad is to immerse yourself as much as possible in the new culture and there is no better way to do this than by living with an Argentine family. You are experiencing their way of living first hand, as well as eating incredible traditional food. I was extremely lucky as the three families I lived with were brilliant. From the day I arrived they were so welcoming and friendly and I felt like I was part of the family and even now I’m back in England I am still in touch with them. It’s the same with the institutes where I worked - the students and fellow teachers really appreciated having a native speaker amongst them. Another thing I loved was exploring Argentina during the long weekends. We used to hop on night buses and the following morning we would wake up in a new place. I was lucky enough to visit places such as Mendoza, Bariloche, and Patagonia, which are some of the most beautiful places I have been to! Sometimes we travelled 20 hours on a bus just to stay in a place for three days, but it was definitely worth it. - What do you see as the strong points of the programme? - The strong points are definitely the opportunities you have to improve your language which fundamentally is the reason we are all on our year abroad (though with this programme you get so much more than just that). Living with the families, on top of the Spanish lessons, and general living in Argentina you have no choice but to improve. Plus you go home with an Argentine accent which is a bonus. - What are you studying at Durham University? - At Durham I am studying French and Spanish, so before arriving in Argentina I was working in Paris for 6 months. - Do you think participating in CII – Teach Argentina had a positive impact on your academic and professional skills? How? - Yes definitely. The most obvious is my Spanish ability and I feel I will be able to cope better with the high standard expected of me in final year. Also some of my modules next year focus on Latin American culture, and actually spending time in the country has developed my understanding invaluably and will definitely help me with my modules. Even professionally if you don’t want to go directly into teaching, this experience will look impressive on any CV as the skills you learn and the confidence you gain will help you in any job. - Would you recommend the programme to other students from Durham? - A million per cent! I started Spanish at University and have been studying French for much longer but now feel that my Spanish is a lot stronger and South America has always been a place I wanted to visit and now I can say I have lived there for 6 months! My time in Argentina passed in a happy blur and I only wish I could be getting back on a plane to do it all again!!
EDdie MORIARTY (University of LIMERICK - Irl) about spanish immersion camps Nicole mc gowan (university of limerick - irl) about teach argentina programme
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Read about Katie's experience, being one of the two first participants from Lancaster University: - How did you find out about CII – Teach Argentina? - Teach Argentina did a presentation at my university and my friend told me about it after attending. - What do you study at Lancaster University? Why did you think Teach Argentina is useful for your professional/academic goals? - I study English literature and Spanish. Teach Argentina is useful in countless ways, primarily it's helped me with my confidence levels. Most obviously it has helped me improve my Spanish by an incredible amount. - How has your experience been so far? - The best experience of my life so far. I've made some amazing friends, visited amazing places and I have a job that feels like a hobby. - Would you recommend it to other students from Lancaster? - 100% yes EDdie MORIARTY (University of LIMERICK - Irl) about teach argentina programme
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