the borough
DEFINITION OF BOROUGH “A medieval fortified group of houses forming a town with special duties and priviledges.” Colonias de Inmersión al Idioma has conceived The Borough as a medieval village in the sense that it is an autonomous and detached community focusing on re-enacting events inspired in the history, mythology and culture of English-speaking countries. In order to preserve an English-only environment, The Borough stresses the restricted connection with the outside world and a closed-door policy when hosting an immersion event. ORIGIN OF BOROUGH Middle English burgh, from Old English “burg”, fortified town; akin to Old High German “burg”, fortified place, and probably to Old English “beorg”, hill —First Known Use: before 12th century. DESIGN AND REFURBISHMENT OF THE VENUE The architecture reflects some iconic aspects of foreign design (mainly Irish) as a source of inspiration for the looks of The Borough. ﷯ HOSTS Since 1988 Colonias de Inmersión al Idioma hires only native English-speakers and takes pride in the talents of its Camp Counsellors and Co-ordinators. CII runs an internship programme through which several university students and graduates come every year to Argentina from Ireland, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa to contribute their culture to our English Immersion Camps and other events. MENU CII has been introducing typical dishes in the immersion camps. At The Borough we manage our own kitchen. By designing our own menu and by following the traditional cooking methods we feel we are taking a huge step forward quality-wise in order to clearly convey culture through the food. The Borough also caters for special dietary requirements. ACCESSIBILITY The Borough has been conceived as a friendly environment for people with disabilities and special needs. Even though spending time in the countryside may sound challenging, you simply have to warn us in advance and we will do our best to make our guests feel at home. LOCATION The Borough is located on Route 41 in Mercedes, Province of Buenos Aires, only 100 km from Buenos Aires city. The location is superb and of easy access, only 200 mts off Route 41. ﷯
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DEFINITION OF THE GAELIC WORD ´Failte´ The Irish tradition of hospitality is internationally renowned. By using Irish door knockers with the inscription ‘Fáilte’ (Welcome), and also as the venue icon, we wish to express our attitude towards guests. The Borough has been conceived as a welcoming community with a strong emphasis on hospitality.
 FACILITIES • 5 Flats with en-suite bathrooms for participants • 1 Flat with 2 bedrooms and an en-suite bathroom for teachers • 2 additional sets of bathrooms and showers • Heating and air conditioning in all facilities • Teachers’ Lounge with wifi • All purpose room / Dining- room • Customs Post • The Borough Shop • The Borough Bank • Argentine Embassy • Sports Field • Swimming Pool • Total capacity: 60 guests, including escorting teachers and guides. • Due to the nature of the programmes, The Borough does not accommodate drivers. However, we can arrange bookings for drivers in Mercedes on request. • An additional two buildings serve as home to CII Staff: Residence for the Camp Director and the Barracks for Counsellors.
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