Your Victorian Journey begins ‘ere, in the East End of London. We ‘open you lads and lasses are ready for the rough‐and‐tumble life of the slums, where the sewage reeks and the rats scuttle through the streets. You might get the chance to learn how the proper local cockneys speak, and find out what the poorest children in London did for fun. ‘owever, please bear in mind that life in the slums of Victorian England ain’t easy, and young rascals like yourselves were expected to work too. And often the work weren’t pretty, sweeping chimneys or in the factory earning diddlysquat. Luckily for you tykes, your jobs might be a bit cushier, as long as you stay out of trouble. Well then, do you ‘ave what it takes to survive the London poverty? And you ought to know, the police are currently looking for the most dangerous man in London, so keep your mincers open for any sign of Jack the Ripper! Thankfully, you won’t have to put up with those impoverished conditions for the entirety of your time in Victorian England. You will be joining us more civilised individuals on your second day. We expect that the lifestyle of the Victorian aristocracy will suit you rather well. Perhaps you can play a few rounds of croquet? And we do hope you can make it for a spot of afternoon tea, and there is truly nothing more delightful that a quaint picnic in the open air. Although, you might need to polish up on your etiquette after your stint in the East End, especially if you hope to get an invite to the royal masquerade ball. It is all everyone is talking about and is guaranteed to be a spectacular occasion, so remember your pleases and thank‐yous! We so hope you are able to join us in Victorian England. Please read through the following information so you are aware of the preparation necessary in order to fully take advantage of all Victorian London has to offer.
Victorian England
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